About Zaira HMR

Our Story

Hi! We are Rumy Naz and Tariq Ansari. And this is our story. 

In the late 1930s, a person named Haji Matiur Rahman traversed through the dense streets of Banaras(now, Varanasi) with only one vision, i.e. to take creativity to the next level. Growing up in a labour dominated area, he witnessed his father being an integral part of the weaver’s society, which laid the foundation of the revolutionary Banarasi Handloom Sarees. And this is nothing short of worldwide fame today.

Using his initials as an acronym, he set sail his business to be known as the brand it is today_ HMR SAREES. For almost nine decades, our elders have bestowed patronage in most of the southern parts of India with quality and trust. 

Now, it’s time for us to take charge of the province borne of this legacy and be prudent with the changing patterns of lifestyles. With this noesis, we have commenced our online retail store in order to let our customers choose from an extensive range of products. 

Why Zaira? 

All thanks to the Almight who blessed us with a daughter during the worst times this world has witnessed, the pandemic COVID-19. When all the short-scale businesses were struggling to meet their ends, our situation was no different. But as the old adage goes, “Every dark cloud has a silver lining”, we were hopeful of better times. 

We, a mother and a husband, decided to create an Instagram page on our daughter, Zaira’s name. Starting from zero despite having a established wholesale business, was a tough decision. But, we had to do something different this time. We couldn’t just sit idle hoping for better days. And Zaira has been a blessing for both of us. 

You can put all your trust and faith in God, but you have to learn how to tie your camel first. So, we started posting pictures and videos of our sarees on Instagram and started reaching out to people. We focused on offering the best customer experiences to gain trust of our buyers. And luckily, we became a family of 10k followers on the very same day when we were celebrating Zaira’s 2nd birthday. We took this as a sign and we decided to take a bold step of launching our website. 

Our Mission, Vision & Values 

Within 2 months, we have successfully delivered over 250+ sarees to homes across India and abroad too. And we take pride in it. Because that’s a great achievement given our limited social media audience. Zaira Sarees is loved and adored by our customers all over the world. And we want to expand our reach and offer the best buying experiences to our customers. 

We promise to focus on what our customers want rather than what we want to make. And one thing still remains the same_ we never compromise with happiness. Stay with us, for the path to the stars goes through the moon.